Custom designed and built to your needs

When you imagine your new shed, you probably have a clear
idea of exactly where you want it and how it should look.
The truth is that many sheds out there are pre-designed and
generic. This ‘one size fits all’ approach can have you bending
and squeezing your requirements into a design that was
probably made for someone else.

SFS Sheds believes that building a shed shouldn’t be a
frustrating series of compromises. Our custom designs are
created just for you so that you get a shed that is perfect for
your needs and your space. It all starts with your idea.
Just tell us exactly what you need your shed to do, the
dimensions of the space it will live in and we will create specific
building plans for the project.
Need some help bringing your idea to life? We can enhance your
ideas, give feedback and provide examples from our extensive
experience. For complex sheds, we even will provide a 3D
render of how it will look – just to ensure it is exactly what you

Easy Assembly
Assembling some sheds can make you feel like you need to be
a rocket scientist to figure it out. You don’t want your new shed
to be so hard to build that it will still be a jumbled pile of metal
on your back lawn weeks after it was delivered.

SFS Sheds are so easy
Our sheds come with a full sheeting layout and all parts
are clearly and simply labeled. It will tell you where to
start, right through to where to finish.
SFS Sheds labelling


  • A shed totally personalised and designed to your needs
  • Fully bolted portal frame
  • Custom slab designs for even the most difficult areas (like over sewer and filled sites)
  • Made from heavier and more durable minimum 2.4mm thick G450 brackets
  • 15% overlapping on roofing and walling girts for strength
  • Easy assemble labelling – just connect A to A and B to B
  • Built to tough Australian Standards
  • Site specific plans ready for you to submit to council – no generic plans

Get a free, no obligation site drawing and quote

Don’t waste your time going through hundreds of brochures trying to find a generic shed to fit your space. Tell us what you are trying to accomplish and how big your space is and we will do the rest. We provide detailed quotes covering exactly how to bring your vision to life. Don’t wait around for weeks on a quote. SFS Sheds quotes are delivered within 72 hours. We will help you design a custom shed built to Australian Standards at a competitive price.